Eventually, if we wait long enough, things often fall into place.

I've had a few items in my To Be Blogged folder waiting for serendipity to step in. I loved the lover's heart tattoo from MG Designs, but how could I show it in a tasteful, OK in the office (we'll maybe) mode? Then today I heard that Magika was having a Running With Scissors hunt for hair. Woot! I found four of the five not all that easy to find scissors. The one style above has oh so strategically placed pigtails -- just what I needed for a fun shoot.

The Diva belt from House of Hucci, a DSN sample, covered another important spot and I am at in the PG category I hope. The belt comes with a resize and reposition script and even lets you ROTATE (oh my!). That's one fancy script. Luckily I didn't have to do anything but adjust for placement. It's a finely crafted belt that I know will come in handy throughout the seasons. It fits me beautifully.

One last bit of pinkness! While I couldn't find the glass slipper at Cutie Honey, I did find the Fun in the Sun beach ball. It had this pinkly playful rug with resting animation and a cucumber mask. Now I really love that cucumber mask, but it is a demo of some kind as it keeps counting the time for you and disappears after five minutes. Still good for photo shoots, however. The rug, pillow and very nice laying animation seem to be both quiet and stable :D.

Poses by Striking Poses and Tuli.