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Mirror Mirror

~*Pulling Strings*~ has a fun new prop in its SOM. Just out, this will be SO fun to play with. I'd chatted with Elle Kirshner a few times, but I hadn't been to the shop in awhile so it was fun to return and see the new automotive poses and other goodies.

The mirror comes separately from the poseballs, and yes there are two and yes, there is a friend on the other side of the mirror pretending to be me. I chose a complete outfit we both had from :WhoNose:, the new Tuli group gift skin , Calico Ingmann hair and we were set.

Here is the setup before a little Photoshop magic. And I just noted the missing bracelet *wink* but time is short this afternoon so I'm sure you will forgive me. A good thing to watch out for next time. You can activate other poses while on the balls of course. To be a true mirror image you would need mirror image poses, but even using the same or different poses -- or different colors of outfits would be a fun shot. I'm so looking forward to playing with this when I have more time.

And in other poser news, Dove has a new set for the ladies out at LAP. Find the stand right inside the front door. Ladies to the right remember :D. This one is called The Haver.


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