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The Darker Side

Zenith isn't just about sweet and young styles. There are plenty of harder edged outfits and accessories in the shop. While I was watching the lucky campers, I did some pan and scanning as I often do and noticed that there was a watermelon on the premises. Not to let the watermelon in an upscale shop go by, I did a bit of hunting and found it easily.

Now to be fair, you could easily accessorize this black and white mini to fit in with the sweetness of my previous post, but since variety is -- well variety, my aim was to take the outfit into the opposite direction.

My paisley tattoo is the one I mentioned in this post. I saw a BUNCH of you guys stalking that chair (and there were plenty of guys - yeah!) so I hope you won one or two or three :D! It works well with this dress, not too harsh but still edgy. I am wearing the socks and the undershirt here. No need for more. And the cute shoes? Why they come with the dress -- how cool is that? My beaded cross necklace is from WoE but no longer available. Statement making hair was an important part of this look and I chose Talita from Hair Solutions.

Guys aren't left out of the watermelon hunt at Zenith. A nice pair of slacks, a sleeveless dress shirt with texture tie (we know how you hate to tie those things) and some nice tattoos make up the prize. Arm straps are included. I added my Lazy Places JAX boots.

Poses by LAP.


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