Body Art

Have you noticed what I have? Tattoos are moving into mainstream fashion. You don't need to be a biker babe or into role play to add a bit of body art to your outfit. As accessories go, these make a big splash -- and in our virtual lives, they are painless.

Finding the best tattoo for your style is of course a personal thing. For me, it meant faded or tinted, not black, fine lines and complex patterns, and an all over feel but with some skin left exposed. I know there are some lovely tattoos that escaped me; finding specific items in our ever expanding and changing cyber reality is daunting. But I did find a few shining stars and a couple of great bargains. Can you say "free"?

Grunge Mania 2 from ** KANIVAL TATTOO ** comes in all possible layer combinations as well as faded and dark versions. I prefer the faded styles; I guess I'm a well-worn type of gal. I really love this design for its creativity and complexity. I was admiring this and its sister design, Grunge Mania when I noticed some brightly colored teleporter type pads across the room. Curiosity of course got the better of me and I found it was a Lucky Stage.

Wow! Newness. The letters change every ten minutes. Hop on when your letter comes up and 30 seconds of dancing gets you this great set. There is another version in the second "lucky camper" and a third at the satellite store. So if you are really a stalker, you can have THREE different styles to start or continue you collection. Yippee!

My outfit is comprised of bits and pieces of favorites including oldies. Some are still available and some most likely not. The Adventurer Backpack was a gift from The Zoo long ago. My Marlon Brando hat is from *ALEIDA*. cropped sweater from Project Kiwi, Parker in Pinstripe shorts from PRISM, nubby socks from Shiny Things, Persuaded Black Leather Riding Gloves from Rfyre, and MK Super Sneaks (color change) from MK Fashions.

This lovely henna toned, "dirty" upper body tattoo is from CyberStar BodyArt tattoos. It comes on all three layers. Richly detailed, the pattern continues on the back. If you want to see how you feel with designs floating across your body, this dollarbie is an excellent way to start. Should you find yourself craving more, check out the Full body tatto, mehndi; HERE. It is a beauty.

My *tal* Chalise Silks are from *Analise*. Poses by LAP.