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Sometimes life falls into place perfectly and other times we get/need/are forced to adapt. Today was one of those days, but it's not a difficult story at all; it was fun!

A DSN package arrived this morning with a shimmery dress. We'll actually it was more of a top to me, but when I went to the shop it was apparent that the item in question was a camisk from the Gorean shop, Fantasia. It didn't work as dress for me -- especially sans panties *wink*, but it was a very nicely made garment and didn't deserve to be tossed simply because it wasn't my RP of choice.

What to do. Well panties would be good :D. I did try that, but in the end I opted for some tintable metallic tights on the underwear layer. If you've been around awhile you may have a set of these. They were from G.L.A.M. As serendipity would have it, I had some exotic hair from Tekeli-li, free at this year's Hair Fair and some boots from ShoeFly that matched nicely. I was interestingly coordinated and it worked for me.

My new low prim coffee table hales from a lucky board at Magi. There are numerous boards scattered around as well as freebies and tons of $10 items, so strolling is encouraged. For me, this table was my favorite. The board changes every five minutes and new colors of tables show up. Going back was a great thing however, because while I did figure out that the table was sculpty and RESIZABLE (yeah!), I didn't understand that it was color change. The drawers also open and close. This is a very nice coffee table. With a tiny bit of ingenuity and some basic building skills, it could easily become a bed with pull out shelves -- so adaptability works here too!

The delicate sculpty rose in a glass container was a DSN sample from Gumi's Flower Shop. A pretty little accessory it is only three prims -- definitely a bonus if you are counting those pesky devils. The roses come in other colors and there are some wonderfully textured calla lilies at the shop. For your garden, there are purple crocus and for your wedding -- bridal bouquets. There is a section with copy items also.

Poses by Torridwear.


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