S2 : Woot!

While I have only done a few stops along the Slice of Summer hunt, I had to take a few minutes to tell you about this fan-tas-tic skybox from S2. It blows me away in its creativity and complexity. Obviously worthy of a hefty linden price tag, it is yours free for the finding on the newest grid wide hunt. I'm not sure if number 15 is the most impressive of the over 100 stops, but it definitely took my breath away.

click any photo for larger view

You rez the box which gets you a spaceship. You pick your language (luckily English is the second in the list) and you choose the height you want your skybox. Then you fly, complete with special effects and sounds to your height where your skybox rezes in a giant cube with outdoor building. MOST of the skybox is inside the giant cube. The textures are superb; the photo ops seemingly endless. There is an information sheet that tells you about the prims you will need. Some are for the spaceship which disappears and some for the skybox. While it is difficult to measure the footprint, it seems like it is 32 X 32 which means it would fit on a typical 1024 lot. The prims used for the skybox number 91 which is very thrifty when you see ALL that is here. Amazing.

This is the above ground area. There are two rez to ride apparatus. The big scooter in the bowels of the cube works great. I had trouble with the bench on the surface, but you don't need it to get anywhere and that could have simply been the sandbox acting up. There is a "delete skyb0x" button which I am assuming ONLY works for the owner (wink) or that could get messy. The teleporters are stellar, complete with stylish pose and special effects.

If you are at all interesting in buildings, this is something you need to experience -- even if only on the sandbox.

That's my two cents.

Heading for dreamland.

Poses by LAP. See previous post for outfit credits.