Grungy Flu

It's not fun to be sick, but if you have to be under the weather this is definitely the way to go. From the lucky chair at D3 (home of three shops and two great Cinderella hunt items including the wearable vanity) comes the Flu chair. While all the items are separate and editable, you simply wear the whole folder with the Add to Outfit button and you are set. You can even be sick stylishly if you are completely out of prims!

My new backdrop is a new group gift from The Gentlemen Bastards who made my studio skybox. Their shop has a new grunge look and this 16 prim 20 x 20 skybox is part of a celebration package.The Crack House skybox comes complete with a huge box of full-perm furnishings from Arcadia Asylum and the Hobos of SL, as well as a few free full-perm items from Urban Spirit. I haven't unpacked all that yet, but I love the grunginess of the building. I might add a cobweb or two to the mix. My floor here is a bit darker than the original build. Happily the skybox comes M-C-NT so tinting the existing floor was a snap. You can obviously use this on the ground as well. And maybe add the Grunge Hangout from the Curious Kitty hunt? It's a thought *wink*.

When I was over at D3 hunting and gathering this week, I also noticed the NewbieDoo store. But being in hunt mode I zipped on by. There was a grayness factor also which didn't encourage me to linger :D. Today however the big hunt rush has calmed and so I went over to take a look. I was amazed. It's been awhile since I was new and I'm sure things have improved a bunch, but there were some really nice looking things there. I tried out the chucks for men which sized down beautifully as you can see as well as the heels for gals and the Bright AO which I had never heard of. All were very impressive whether you were new or not. The shop has skins also -- including ones for guys. So if you know any new folks send them over to NoobieDoo.

Hair by Tiny Bird.