Let's Talk S-E-X

I won this great bedroom set on a Midnight Mania board thanks to Shayariel's MM alerts. And yes, it is a S-E-X bed and even comes with a S-E-X chair. The lamp, I think we can safely say is asexual*wink*. For those of us sans partners there are less sensual poses included as well as some solo sex choices (oh my!). It has a poseball rezzing system, but one of the best features in my book is the large assortment of colors and textures.

If you want to go slap that board and get this lovely set, or simply BUY it or a similar version, then head on over to D&D Furniture. The MM board is on the third floor; watch your beam as needed.

The outfit? Ah yes, the outfit. It comes from **Moonshine Designs and is available in six colors. Actually a top, it comes on several layers and with an optional bra. I opted for pasties as I loved the paint splattered voile look and didn't want to detract. Actually, I liked it best braless, but I aim -- most of the time -- to keep a PG / OK in the office rating. With no panties and no bra, it is definitely an item fitting the theme of this post.

For journeying out into the world, I added some shiny leggings from MALT along with my new ::::QC Designs:::: Time Zones Stack Bangles which actually shimmer. Woo! Tingly. My I-SO-LOVE-THEM LYA Valentina boots completed my public look.

Poses by Pffiou and LAP.

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    # by Queen Coronet - July 23, 2009 at 8:33 PM

    woohoo!!! thanks for stopping by the shop!! yay!