Blogging: POV

Bloggers, this one's for you. Fashionistas, freebie hunters and even designers can bypass this post :D.

Blogging is supposed to be a personal endeavor; our identities as well as our egos come into play. We may not look like the avatars shown on our blogs, but we make the choices for them and do much of the work.

If someone wants to have arty, "blurry", Photoshop pictures in their posts rather than clear close ups of fashion items -- that is there choice. Sometimes art is more important than the business of fashion. If they prefer Blogger over Wordpress, Poses by X rather than Y, shooting with green screens and real life backgrounds rather than in world --- those decisions are up to them.

There is NOT only one way to blog. We are hopefully doing a service, yes. But we are also supposed to be enjoying ourselves, and when a person or a group of people become dictatorial and pointing fingers, this is simply uncalled for. It doesn't matter if it is during in world conversations, group chats, Plurk, Twitter, blog posts or Flickr comments; it's simply wrong.

We need to be supporting each other in our personal creative endeavors, not following a set of rules by any group or pseudo dictator(s). I haven't seen any negative comments pointed in my direction, but I've seen how they have affected others. I've tried to help some fragile egos get back their enthusiasm after an attack. I've wondered what the point of it all was anyway.

If you must comment on how blogging "should be done", then perhaps prefacing your ideas with "on my blog, I ..." or "I think X and Y do the best ..." would be taken in a friendlier vein. Let's try to remember that if we all did everything the same way with the same look, there would be little point for readers to bookmark more than one blog.

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    # by Rhaorth Antonelli - July 25, 2009 at 12:16 PM

    I have the utmost respect for bloggers. I am really bad at updating my blog (no wonder I have no readers LOL). Of course, just like everyone, I have my favorites I like to read, and those I tend to avoid. But to try to tell someone else how to do it, well, that would just not feel right!
    So a big thank you to all the bloggers out there, I dunno how to you do it, but.. you do it!! (and you do it for all of us!! something I think a lot of people forget)