Riding High

It had been a long while since I took my [19MC] D-Hello (shop here) out for a spin and when two new fun releases appeared this morning, it seemed like a perfect time to be exploring in the fresh air.

Just out from Pout is this cute outfit called Get Fresh. I am wearing the green version which to me anyway looks like teal. Ah the mysteries of our graphics cards. Whatever you call it, it's a beautiful hue. The set includes flip flop sandals, an optional babydoll flexi, and a print headband (not shown). Great for summer days, the set comes in eight colors!

Also new is my Wet T-Shirt hair from Bewitched Hair. It comes in a ton of natural and not so natural shades of course; I am wearing my favorite canapl, but the brown is great for me too.

You can pick up a free release sample at the new Bewitched location. I took a quick trip over to see what colors were available to find a sale going on.

Each pack is currently half price including the everything pack. I have no idea how long this sale is on, but it appears to be on everything -- at least all the packs I checked. Ah, I did a little sleuthing and you can read more about the sale and a hunt HERE. So many announcements not arriving for me these days. Oh well. Now we know.

Smiles ---