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There have been some conversations in the blogger group chats of late as well as a not so friendly blog comment about those conversations. The question -- as in asking for other opinions -- was raised whether it was acceptable-wise-politically correct-smart etc. for a blogger to ask designers for items to blog. Opinions were mixed and as is my normal mode, I closed the window after a bit and went back to my photos.


I am guessing that there are some greedy little bloggers out there that are simply after the "stuff". I, personally, don't know any and consider that a plus :D. There are also many bloggers that cringe when receiving review packets. They feel indebted; they want to keep their Independence with a capital "I". There are just as many opinions on the subject from the blogger's side as there are from the content creators.

I made some wonderful contacts during Blogger Appreciation week and I have had many comments of late on the improvement in the quality of my blog, both content and presentation. That makes me very happy and I couldn't have made those improvements without the assistance of the content creators. Yes, I could simply buy the things I like. I have the RL money; that isn't an issue. At the same time, I have never in my nineteen months in SL(R) used any US dollars to enhance my world. From the beginning I earned what I spent. I camped back when camping was in vogue; I worked; I won contests. My mode of "play" included the challenge to make my way IN world.

If you are a new blogger and are wondering about this issue, here is my point of view from eighteen months of blogging and over 800 fashion and design posts.

Just like RL, you need to put in your dues. If you are one month on the scene and want to start a blog, that's great! I (we) applaud and welcome you. But you are an unknown commodity to the designers. They can't tell much about your writing style, your readership, your longevity -- YET! Give it some time. Blog good free items or things that you've purchase. Highlight things YOU love, not simply what everyone else is featuring.

If you feature a designer (even a freebie product) that you feel shows off their goods and your style, send them a notecard letting them know. Not a "send me stuff please" message, just a few lines with the URL to your blog. You have shown them YOU like THEM. If they like you -- and over some time -- it is likely they will send you something to review. Many designers simply don't send out review items. That is their choice, certainly. You don't need to feel badly if they don't make you an exception to their rule *wink*.

Remember that there is a RL person behind each designer. One that creates and sometimes slaves away into the wee hours to make beautiful things for us to show. If it wasn't for them, we would have nothing to photograph or write about. For me, it has very little to do with the "stuff". Most of it ends up in my inventory with fond memories. It is the moments that I get to play, to create, to sometimes -- now and then -- get close to art. Whatever YOUR motivation, remember:

Be true to yourself. Be patient.


swaffette Firefly said…
nice post chic :)
personally i dont often send out review copies because i realise many bloggers have loads sent and maybe dont want them - im very happy to send some for review to anyone who asks and am flattered when they do so - luckily in my experience the bloggers who have asked have been more than polite , have explained abit about their blog and give me the url . i know many bloggers spend alot of their unpaid time searching out new designers, working on the blogs ,taking great pics and promoting our clothes so thanks guys for that :)
Emerald Wynn said…
I listened to that conversation in the group the other day and didn't have much to say about it because I'm one of those "community bloggers" who usually works fashion into the posts, but often it's not the main focus.

Usually when creators send me review content, they include a note that says something like, "Your blog cracks me up - here's a new release for consideration." I've never asked anyone for a review copy before. I couldn't imagine doing it. I've been blogging Second Life for a year and a half, and it's only been during the past few months that designers have started sending me items for review/blog mention consideration.

As to the blogger in question, I checked out her blog. I'm only being constructive when I say that her pictures are tiny and her blog (as well as profile) has several spelling and grammatical errors throughout it. I didn't submit that tacky slam against her, and I think the person in the group who did so was rather lame. But I will say that I do agree with you: She -- or any blogger for that matter -- has to evolve and earn her stripes, so to speak, if she wants the fashion and/or blogging community to take her seriously.

Someone who nobody takes seriously (laugh)
caLLie cLine said…
great post, i so agree, it is very very different, and no hard fast rules, but entitlement on either side is always off putting. thanks for your hard work, and sharing so honestly.

caLLie cLine
Rambling Rha said…
Very nice post. I am not aware or know of the discussion you spoke of, but want to touch on the other points you made. As a content creator, I would love to see more blogs, blog about my product and was totally blown away when I got the notecard from you letting me know I was blogged! That was an awesome touch. (I used one of the pics, and made a sign in the store that will direct people to the blog post) heh. I am not the type to just drop stuff on bloggers, I do not like being so forward, however I have no problem at all, in giving them something if they request it! I would love for them to come see what I have, if there is something they want to blog, drop me a note and I will happily hand it to them! Which way is better? To wait for them to contact me, being I am not well known, or me to make that step and start handing out things to bloggers?

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