Zip Me Up!

Group messages seem to go astray a lot these days, and for those of us without a Japanese keyboard and knowledge of the language, all those "X"s in some group messages leave us wondering anyway. So I was happily surprised to find a new to me group camping outfit in the chairs at = Hal*Hina =. With lots of great detailing and many ways to wear, it is a bargain at a 20 minute sit.

There are two skirt lengths as well as pantaloons which I am guessing were meant to be worn under the longer skirt version; thus keeping the ruffles as part of the skirt no matter how you move -- smart. I opted to make them into a third choice -- a summer romper of sorts. However you style it, this is a very versatile outfit. Adding a cropped jacket would give you another fun look.

My accessories included Lick Me earrings from Ticky Tacky, Teddi shoes from Digital Knickers, some bracelets from [spork] (NLA) and a *juelles* Isa Waist Sash.

My hair, just out yesterday, is a free gift from Junwave. Vivi comes in this poppy red color only. Find it high on the wall in a smallish vendor.

Poses by Pffiou and LAP.