WHAT is She Wearing!

Firstly, this is all in fun. I know a lot of bloggers read this site and to them, this could be a familiarly reminiscent scene. Opening up boxes and trying things on is part of the process. Whether from a hunt, DSN, review copies or gifts, the steps are the same; you often have no idea what an item is until you unpack it and put it on.

That's what happened to me this afternoon. I had a few things I hadn't opened and a couple that just came in and one I had bought ten minutes earlier. All were GREAT! Together Forever however was not the song playing on the radio.

This seemed like a good opportunity to poke a little fun at myself and to show my readers that I don't always look put together. Some of you know that, those who have run into me in a hurried shopping session barefoot, mismatched and sometimes with Cal my calico cat tagging along.

This is post one of a two part post. Well of COURSE it is. These wonderful items deserve to be shown at their best, not in a hodgepodge of clashing styles. So in my next post, I'll show them to you artistically. And yes, you also get to find out where they came from.

Special thanks to Dove Swanson who sent out these Lime Awareness poses to the LAP group recently. I loved them but wasn't sure I would ever get to use them. Well, just goes to show you REALLY never know.

Now, I'm off to work with my stylish hat firmly in place. See ya later!