Sizzling Boards

The hot new lucky boards are definitely at Hair SHOP *JUNWAVE*. This is simply fantastic hair. Three boards, three shades and LOTS of folks to keep those 15 minute boards a rollin'. There is competition of course too, unless you are an obscure letter *wink*. Please note that these are GROUP boards. Xia didn't know that when she arrived, but an X was on the board in her color and she was more than willing to join. This is a Japanese shop but the group notices include English versions and pictures, so that works.

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She tried out her new hair look with the IRSL free gift set at hO wEAr. The office attire includes a pink and black stars flexi tie, glasses, and pencils that attach to mouth or behind ear. A jacket, calculator and briefcase are also included. Dilly Dolls Plain Janes from the Cinderella hunt complete her outfit.

Poses by LAP.