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Midnight Beauty

My galfriends definitely have serendipity on their side of late. Good for them. Divine sent over these pictures this morning; all I had to do was crop and frame -- ah the life of leisure. Here's the scoop.

When she logged in this morning there was a notecard about a beautiful black gown at BENINGBOROUGH as part of a celebration. She had no idea why that notecard arrived not being a group member or even a blogger any longer, but the free dress looked fantastic and so she hurried over.

It is indeed lovely and she is too. Pretty good photos for someone out of practice *wink*. I zipped over to the store to take a look and there is a huge assortment of gorgeous gowns here. There is also a modeling contest going on. You won't miss the posters when you enter.

Another white flower that attaches to the shoulder is included in the gift should you want an even more dramatic effect.

Now I guess that "I" better find something to show you or I'll definitely be outdone by the gals.

Caio --


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