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Slipper Hunting

Shuz! We love 'em. And in the case of the Cinderella's Lost Slipper Gridwide Hunt we are searching for them. Simple pumps come in all colors but generally (not always) the same size and are filled with a fantastic selection of wonderful goodies. From my sampling of about 20% of the hunt I can say that the quality is high and the gifts varied. This doesn't appear to be a hunt for the guys which makes sense as Cinderella is definitely a fairytale for females. Luckily the fellows have their own hunt going on :D.

There are so many wonderful prizes that I am picking only my personal favs. My picks may not be yours, however, so doing the whole hunt would likely be to your advantage. As with most hunts, I didn't find all the prizes I searched for. There are fairy godmother hints that you can click on for clues. Sometimes they are helpful as in "find the slipper where the table meets the ground" and sometimes they just make things more confusing. With all that being said, here are some of my favorites from the middle section of the train.

The lovely gown above comes from Sassy Kitty Designs. This is the ladylike version and I love the gloves that lace up and the Cinderella puff sleeves. There is also a corset only version and pasties as well as a cute short skirt. I liked the pasties, but who knew my nipples weren't in the correct spot? I certainly didn't. Hence, the covered up version *wink*. I am using one of the many great poses from the KSCreations slipper.

Click any photo for a larger version.

Dark Cinderella from ..::Rasetsukoku::.. is a beautiful period piece. I love the bustle and train on this simple but elegant gown. I added some classic pearl and silver earrings to decorate my dainty ears. They are from Ear Candy and come with a matching necklace. A second jewelry set is included in their slipper prize.

This is my personal favorite of the hunt so far and with so many wonderful things (many not blogged yet) that is saying something. It is a dressing table complete with animation that you WEAR. Not only is it superbly textured and detailed, it cost you NO prims. Be still my beating heart. Now I wouldn't recommend you put this attachment on in a crowded setting as the prim count must be high, but it is just so cute. Cute! Cute! Cute! Oh, I got so excited I almost forgot to tell you it is from GiftHorse.

There is a caveat here. Be sure you have pants under any skirt you are wearing as I lost mine when attaching the vanity table *wink*. It would be sort of embarrassing to be sitting semi naked -- unless you are at home of course.

That's my first look at the glass slipper hunt. I'll definitely continue and hope you do to.



That wearable vanity is AWESOME!
Karla said…
But... Where is the Vanity?, I went to the shop, I found the shoe, but only had clothes, no vanity, :(. It´s a pity, because the vanity is beautiful!!. Cheers!! and congratulations for your blog, it´s very good, :)
Chic Aeon said…
Two of the three shops at D3 are in the Cinderella hunt. The vanity is in Gifthorse as it says above. It has accessories, fans and some furniture I think. I bet you were in Different Drummer which has clothes and shoes -- another shop in the complex. Go back and try again as it is definitely worth it. Good luck.
Karla said…
I got it!!!, hahaha, sorry, I must look for better, it´s, as Allisons2ndlife said..., Awesome, :)

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