Back to You Chuck

The guys have been kinda left out in the cold lately-- at least on my blog. Before we move into new hunting territories like the Slice of Summer hunt, let's take another look (or maybe two - who knows?) at the current Just For the Guys hunt. It will be around until the end of the month but is likely to be overshadowed by the new adventures coming into play. So here are some pick for the guys, from a guy. We'll call him Chuck *wink*; and nope, it isn't me.

First up a set from Sensual Mystery. The jeans come with four varieties of prim bottoms as well as a no prim jeans version. The shirt comes with some very nice prim parts, but Chuck was too small to get the collar to work and so opted for a very plain version which works too. Big guys will most likely be pleased, but some prim adjustment is probably on the menu. Great gray clogs come with the set. The tattoo is one of several from HUZ Tats. There are three hats in the store to find. Wearing a hunt prize from Fools Fate Shapes, Chuck rather likes the new look; me too. His glasses are part of the set below.

This outfit is from SS Design. Not only does it include the jeans and tee, the denim vans and scripted glasses are in the gift bag. The glasses come packed in one of those animated boxes that unpack themselves and disappear -- well they most likely disappear, if you wait long enough. Chuck evidently got tired of the spinning and caught the thing and hit delete. So, if you are newish, a sandbox might be a good unpacking place, just in case that wild box goes astray. SL(R) can be buggy at times as we all know.

Poses by LAP.