Me-ow! Paw Prints

A new month and the start of new hunts. It's not a surprise that a plethora of new sleuthing adventures begin today. I dipped my -- well let's say paws -- in the Curios Kitty Hunt. First stop on the train is HERE. I chose to begin a bit further down the line to get away from some of the crowds, and while this isn't my personal RP, I can say that there are some very nice gifts in this hunt. Many for nekos and a few crossover gifts. I only did a very small sampling of the hunt, but here are a few of my favorites.

Shown above are some fun cat print body tattoos from IrEn. This is the gal's version and there is a guy version and well as a paw prints with scratches style. The grunge chair, table and rug are from The Dirty Neko and are great for decorating and photo shoots.

This striking hair from DV8 is just part of the prize package there. Also included are matching ears (shown above), tail and feet. I can think of lots of fantasy outfits this hair would work with, so it's definitely going in my save pile :D. There is also a cyber rasta style of hair in this color for guys. Girls can wear it too of course. We are SO lucky!

Since kitties seem to associate in dirty alleys -- or so they say, some of the hunt gift reflect grunge styling. This hangout from CKH * Sweet & Serene is lots of fun. And, for you bloggers, it's a great addition to your props collection. With five poses and 34 prims, I'm betting it could come in handy.

If you are a Neko, this is definitely your hunt. If not, it still may have quite a few items that will work for your lifestyle. From my sampling, guys seem pretty well represented. So go forth and look for paw prints of various sizes and mostly hot pink -- at least that is what I found.


And speaking of hunts for guys, a new one started today. The first stop in the Just for Men hunt is here. Look for the fedoras and have fun.