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Gold 'n Silver - Head 2 Toe

Great news for [chuchulet] fans. There are new dollarbie sandals out in a variety of colors. You know you're gonna love'em! I got gold and silver to start with. Its always fun at the [chuchulet] store and never tough on your budget. We like that!

The beautifully textured period lounger comes from *GC* at Harlow. The same store houses clothes from !DC who I blogged yesterday. I'm wearing the lingerie from !DC's gift pack but you'll just have to go get it for yourself to see more *wink*. I feel VERY elegant! The couch is also an opening gift and is available at the giant gift table as well as the *GC* store. Five menu driven animation choices make this a great prop. There is a fainting couch available for purchase in the store also.

Ticky Tacky, a store with some super fun jewelry, has a dollarbie gift for you. It's called the Reform School Dropout set and it is on the very top floor of the shop in a gift box. Cute bangles (left and right) as well as a great necklace and bowed hair clip make up the collection. While you are catching your breath after the long climb, note that you are in the dollarbie section. I got some white jumbo hoop earrings as I love my black ones in the same style.

My capri set came from SIMco: Angelic Creations at the new NY sim for DCNY. One of three free items on the board as you enter, you should be able to find them easily. The store is dark, mysterious and very classy so wander a bit and see what you can find. And of course enjoy a stroll in the new urban environment.

Poses by Vain and LAP.


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