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Sari's is such a wildly exciting place to shop. Colors bombard you in a oh so friendly way and you wonder why the rest of the world isn't as full of the vibrant hues that abound. Things haven't changed much since I first visited Sari's newly opened shop. Patterns and colors combos are still the stars. The freebie is still in the same spot *wink*. Good marketing. Stability is a comfortable thing.

I was so pleased to see a DSN sample come in this morning from Sari's. I unpacked it hurriedly, tried it on, and smiled. The colors were brightly bold as always. A little bit of India, a little bit gypsy, a little bit retro -- a great combo.

One of 550 gals that slapped the MM board at EarthStones the other eve, I had the perfect jewelry to compliment my new outfit. Delicate silver with gold and red beads, the pairing worked perfectly. I just ventured over and the prize has changed to a gold multicolored stone bracelet that's certain to go with many things in your closet. I did my slapping to help get to 400. Head on over and you might win the 192 prim beauty. Shopping to and from the MM board is allowed - LOL.

Wedgie sandals from Baby Monkey.

If you feel like visiting your (or your parent's) Hippie days, Sari's current freebie will take you back in time. The split skirt comes with enough ruffles and patchwork layering to have you feeling just like a flower child. I added one of my layered tanks from E! Eclectic and some new bangles I picked up at the Ticky Tacky shop at Lemania's. There are twenty-four different dollarbies at the shop during the Prozac hunt. That ends very soon, so hurry on over.

Poses by Torridwear, Luth and LAP.


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