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Is it hot out there? I think SO! Wonder saw a post about some free shorts at SF Design and visited this morning. Happy to show things for the fellows, by the time I was done taking pictures of Wonder, I was definitely interested in the set for myself. How often do we want something very open to show off another top? A LOT! and white is perfect as it goes with so much -- as well as showing off a tan should you have one.

The set comes with two shorts styles (regular and low rise) as well as some shirt options (with and without flexi. The prim pieces downsized easily to fit me, so if you have a few building skills it should be no problem.

Wonder arrived just in time top pick up the new-he-thinks beach towels. One goes around the neck and one is for the beach with a nice animation.

My new hair is from IrEn's midnight mania board.

Poses by LAP.


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