Loving It at Love Soul

Love Soul -- the whole sim -- is having a grand opening! Follow the paths and bridges from one store to another and pick up some really nice gifts. And if you have some extra lindens in your pocketbook you can easily spend them here. So many pretty outfits. The Rising Star mini above is by Honey Soul and comes with a choice of traditional mini skirt or sculpty tunic. I added Lick Me earrings from Ticky Tacky. Find them in the dollarbie section WAY upstairs.

The background behind me is not a Photoshop effect, it is one of fifty photos on a texture change photo studio backdrop from The Frame House. I won it on a high numbered MM board today, but you can also pick it up at the lucky chair close by. While I personally don't use RL backdrops, I can tell you that these are very clear and high resolution. The interface is very nice and you see a variety of thumbnails as you cycle through so picking by color or landscape type is fairly speedy. The studio comes in two sizes -- big and huge.

Love Soul has a gift pack that includes these very classy Modern Girl nails in gray. Some bloody nails with splatters is another gift -- and yes, I'm keeping them. You just never know what you might need some day for a photo shoot :D.

Something I had never seen and never knew I needed was also in the gift pack -- a MOLE. It is a very cute mole and me likes it :D. It comes with or without facelight: this could definitely come in handy if you sometimes wonder if you have your facelight attached. I should also mention that there is a huge crowd at the group lucky chair so something big is going on there *wink*.

Parellel Love is giving away ($1) this long plaid sundress in celebration. Perfect for a walk in the wildflowers, it whispers of summer afternoons and picnics. The long strapless dress from SD Boutique is my personal favorite. I love the colors and the watercolor geometry of the print. The double skirt flows as you turn.

There are other stores and places to explore, so if you have time, journey over and spend a little time at the celebration.

My heels are Sally shoes from PIXELFASHION.

Poses by LAP.