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Ranching in Style

Ye-Haw! I've had this really cute (free) hat and hair for a few days. This morning was definitely the time to put together an outfit to show it off. Not being too much of a farm gal, I ended up with a city-bred, tenderfoot look. But that's who I am, so that's who I'll be.

My super cute hair comes from Redlic's freebie board. With short messy pony tail and escaping tendrils, it is young and carefree and perfect for the countryside. My dotted top is part of the Slice of Summer gift from Acid and Mala, Raine leggings from DCNY and my Negligent Cardigan from Nenashigusa Nest make up the rest of my outfit.

Oh yes, the shoes *wink*. It was difficult to miss the Grandma's House Shoes release from .::Tyranny Designs::. yesterday. They were mentioned in quite a few blogs as group gifts. They were cuties for sure. This morning while I was looking in my objects folder I found them. Not sure how they got there, I was still doing a happy dance. A bit later the mystery was solved when I found them in the Fashcon archives. I had accepted them yesterday from Fashcon. So, if you are one of the thousands of members, start rifling through those archives before these great free shoes disappear. Yeah!

Both my kettle (Starlust Motel Unicorn vintage) and my mouth sprig are from BettyPage Voyager. The sprigs are a free gift from the shop in Drowsy.

Poses by LAP, Tuli, and ANA_MATIONS.


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