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Mushroom Hunting

You may have heard that there is a four sim hunt going on at Malt, Juicy, Juicy del Mar and Yabu sims. Yabu has its own hunt going on at the same time, so two items to look for. The four sim hunt prizes are in the shape of beach balls, in this case rainbow ones for the stores and special pink ones that can be anywhere. I have the hunt on my list, but it is a long list at this point so y'all might beat me to the goodies.

I saw a post showing some of the prizes at the Yabu hunt and I loved the peach sandals from G Fields so I zipped over there this morn to hunt for them. If you have ever been to Yabu you know that there is often a rezzing problem. This isn't new news and even after half an hour on a return trip textures were still in blur mode. This may be all the sculpties, the glow -- who knows, but it is typical so patience is key. In the case of G Fields the mushrooms are yellow. I actually found a mushroom way before I could buy it. Going for coffee or tea is a good thing here. Stay in the yellow zone to find the G Field gifts shown here. Venture into other areas for other prizes. The mushrooms are all on the first floor according to the notecard and can be inside or out.

Above is my new outfit -- three of the four pieces anyway; you know I'm not a hunting superstar. There is also a top that eluded me. The hat which I easily shrunk to fit my head is simply darling and I opted to show you that rather than the hair clips which might work better for you. The hat is in the beach ball which is out in VERY plain sight at the moment *wink* and you know how that plain sight hiding works. The capris are painted with flowers and perfect for summer.

I added the top part of my new dress from E! Eclectic (see earlier post) as a tuck in tank and I was set.

Oh, the orange slice earrings are also from G Field and are free. Find them in a box all by themselves on a large planter ledge in the center of the store. I hope my memory is holding here :D.

Poses by LAP.


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