Posing at DeePosed

I am not a shoe addict. I am not a hair addict. I "might" consider myself a pose addict - LOL. There are few things I like more than poses -- all kinds of poses but mostly of the fashionesce varietal. Note: that was me being clever, I definitely know my vintner terminology. Anyway, I just had a great half hour or so at DeePosed.

I heard from a blogger sister that there were free poses out. Two key words in my vocabulary, "free" and "poses"; put them together and I am there. There are indeed two very nice completely free poses at the entrance. Just touch the boards.

I, of course, was drawn to the muse of posedom. And once I found that the poses rezzed props when you tried them, I was in heaven -- well at least my version of celestial harmony. I posed and checked angles and cycled through and posed some more. I could spend some serious coin here - LOL. Each pose has a photo and price behind it as well as the pose name. Some of the props are terrifically cute. I am guessing this employs a pose prop rezzer, but I don't enough to really tell you how it works. The props disappear in a few seconds so you can see the pose by itself. This is SO much more fun than the typical pose stand - ah vanity!

After joining the group, I danced out of the store.

This is Chic on poses signing out.