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Hot Guys!

OK ladies. Sorry but this isn't ABOUT hot guys, it is hot stuff FOR the guys - LOL. That seemed a much better title than "The Lucky Toilet"! But never fear, there's some goodies for you too. Here's the story.

Wonder has started the Just for Men hunt (at my urging of course) and was hunting when he found a lucky toilet. Now he had never seen a lucky toilet and IMed me about it questioningly :D. I had NO clue and then as we were chatting a "C" came up so he TPed me over.

This really really nice Kanji peace turtleneck was the prize. It comes both untucked and tuck in (woot woot). I paired it with my cool new capris from E! Eclectic. The letter had changed as I was toing and froing to unpack and try on and take a photo of the said lucky toilet. It was still the turtleneck so I guessed it might be a one item toilet.

Then before I could get the shot the letter changed again to green graphic tee and a "W" for Wonder. That worked. With "B" for Benicia came some very cool looking striped slacks - men's, but ya know we often cross over *wink*. Then a "D" came up and Divine won the really fun milk hangout. There is one set up in the store so it's easy to see how fun it must be.

So -- all you guys out there that never seem to have much fashion stuff to do, I suggest you get your booty over to Juice and watch the toilet. HOHO. Beware of the consequences when winning, but it's all in fun and these are great off the wall prizes. And of course look for that fedora while you are here.

PS: Shopping is good.

Poses by LAP.


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