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DCNY: The Clothes

I've shown you highlights of the new city build at Xalapa this last week or so, but what about the CLOTHES! Well today's your day. New items and old favorites from DCNY are the stars for this morning -- and of course there's the subway to explore. So grab your coffee or glass of wine depending on your time zones and temperaments. The tour is about to begin!

Elinor (shown above) is a comfy sweater set with built in texture belt, sculpty collar and cuffs and colorful applique. The included skirt is exceptionally well textured with hemstitching and uneven panels. The fabric is a muted jacquard pattern in rusts and browns with a bumpy textures. Very nice. I added shoes from Sun Made Fashions which I tinted to match :D.

Pose by *V* Poses.

When you just gotta catch that subway, these Raine striped leggings with built in knee pads are the perfect choice. The leggings come in both pants and undies layers for mix and match options. Loose plaid shorts come with these as a duo set. I paired the leggings with one of my DCNY Jaana Jackets and added a Transitions waist sweater from Serenity Styles. Socks from Shiny Things and Super Sneaks from MK Fashion complete the outfit.

I can MAKE that second car! Yes I can!

Pose by *V* Poses.

click photos for larger picture

Whew! Just made it. At my destination I'm ready for some sunshine.

OK. I love purses. That's not a secret and this new Rainbow Bag is a real summer cutie. Wrapped straw textures with various rainbow colors (four color combos available), it comes with notebooks and pencils. You have your choice of scripted and unscripted and the standing animation works very well -- a sort of a flowing twist. When walking with my AO off, the purse moved naturally around my leg :D.

The peachy pink top with sculpty babydoll is called Gisela and fits me very well with some room to spare. It comes on the jacket layer and both texture and sculpty are mod-copy. I added the tight version of the Nora pants in white which are so versatile.

Legwarmers from the new A-Bomb Distracted set and pink textured flats from 50 flats complete my easy going look.

And for those of you who always want to see the newest and pre-releases, here is the the DCNY 2009 swimsuit. It comes in a rainbow of colors as well as gold and silver and ALL layers. You might not want to hang around Central Park too long in this sexy number, though. You just might get arrested.

Poses by Torridwear.

That's a sampling of some of my favorites at DCNY -- at least some of my favorites I hadn't featured before *wink*. There are always lots of colors to choose from, so you can find pieces that fit your style and coloring, then mix and match to your heart's content.


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