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Living in the Trees

While I've been hunting and gathering these last few days, I've also kept my eye out for MM boards, lucky chairs, great deals -- you know, those important things. During the Curious Kitty hunt I spied a great looking MM board with a treehouse as the prize. The number was almost full and so I happily clicked. It arrived yesterday or maybe the day before as times blur for me when in hunt mode. Anyway, I unpacked it today out on a sandbox and .....

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it is SUPER. A tiny ship's cabin front with lots of light and windows and lots of outdoor space. I never even explored the hold. I bet there is more room down there. For me, just the one small airy room would be wonderful with all that lovely outside space and built in tree. Woot! It's too many prims for my space at the moment so it will need to go into storage for awhile, but if YOU are not as prim challenged as I, it will be worth stopping by Sweet & Serine, The Tree House Store.

Even if I can't use the treehouse right now, I love some of the accessories that came with my MM winnings. Above is a great fireplace and some realistically textured barrels, one with a hair brush pose. Note that it is my politically correct bandanna day (more on that in a bit) so I am brushing the wool and not any golden tresses :D. You can pick up the fireplace for free at the shop. There is also a cute red giant mushroom "chair" that you can camp for 120 minutes to get.

The store has a wide variety of treehouses and some traditional homes. This is where I got the great Grunge Hangout from the Curious Kitty Hunt, so be sure and look for that pawprint while you're here.

I want to add some fashion notes for those of you wondering what I am wearing - LOL. This is my typical dress mode when not in fashion shoot attire. Neutrals again, I can't help it. So today is bandanna day and while I didn't go out and buy a supportive bandanna, I did find this cute free one while hunting yesterday. You can find it here and also at GiftHorse next door. My jeans and tee are from Amanda's Fashion. I really like the hand drawn jeans and the comfy and casual top; perfect gear for hunting later in my day. The boots are from Pretties by JB and the earrings are from Ticky Tacky, both previously blogged. I am wearing eye art in black from E! -- pretty classy looking for a no hair day.

The table I am on was a DSN sample from Thistle Homes. They have some cute houses as well as some very inventive accessories. They are in the Slipper hunt also with a great pose prop :D

Onward with my day.


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