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You've Got That Glow!

There is some really lovely new skin out for free today. For how long I have no clue. Benicia -- actually her friend Dion -- found it. Here's the short version of the story. Yesterday there was a very popular skin in the MM Board at JC Model Skins and Shapes. Both Dion and Benicia slapped that board and were rewarded with the skin shown below in sunkissed.

Today, Benicia went over to see if the board was still active and found it gone. There was still a large crowd around though and after the gray fog cleared she found that there is a lighter version skin out for free. She liked it better and it is shown above.

Both skins are notable for their glow and pouty lips. There are eyelashes built into the skins. Benicia is showing just the skin, while Dion has on prim lashes. The skin tones are very realistic in hue and both girls were very happy with their new look.

So obviously I needed to pass this info on to you :D. I'm not up on all the skin news as I seldom change my basic look. I can say that the shop is almost empty of vendors, if not ladies. If that means it is new, then we definitely have a lot to look forward to in the future. There is a group joiner below the free skin on the wall. It may be a SOM; I can't get back to the sim right now. Definitely a challenging day in Phil's land.

When you CAN tp in, give the shop a look and the skins a try. You might end up with a new favorite.


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