Shades of Rust

First up, there is a cute Harry Potter dollarbie tee out at Miseria. The Gryffindor top comes with the words SEEKER on the back. Lots of layer options, great wrinkles and bold block print make this a keeper :D.

click photos for larger pictures

*la* Industrial Strength Steampunk Court Shoes are only $10 for Laughing Academy group members. Find the group gift vendor as a trunk in the far right corner of the main entrance room. You will need your tag on in order to pay the vendor. Lots more to see including some cute free hatboxes in assorted colors --- photo props!

So ---- Benicia volunteered to be the model for hO wEAr's gift of the day. We laughed a lot as the gift comes with whip and does not include the Firefall pants that she finally donned before I took her picture. The Steampunk-esce dominatrix outfit comes with mask and gloves too. Mostly, Benicia wanted to show off her Equestrian boots from Phoenix-Firefall's lucky chairs. They are very cute and have a dangling feather on one boot and a mini pouch on the other. There are some new jewelry sets in the chairs also.

That's the morning wrap up.

Poses by Torridwear and Sugarmill.