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If you scan the feeds, you most likely know that DCNY and its Xalapa vendor neighbors will be unveiling spiffy new digs this Sunday. I was of course looking forward to seeing the new sim and stores. As the "brand new sim that reflects all the best of New York City from Soho to Times Square, built by Master Builder Flix Saiman!", I'm guessing this will be a great photo shoot spot and a hit in the blogger groups *wink*.

So this morning when I found an invite with gift (oh my!) I was extremely pleased. I have a few DCNY outfits including some great short jackets that I wear often and love. I had lots of fun trying on the three different looks of this Gigi dress and I am SO happy I have a newly organized inventory with categories like Shoes> Heels > Red and descriptive jewelry names. SO much easier! So here's a bit of a show and more info on the opening AND HUNT!

I'm very found of sculpty skirts so I was thrilled to see one included in the Gigi gift options. I added some subtly sexy Diamante diamond studded heels from Wish and a beaded choker from the Hudson Clothing Company and I was set for some serious club hopping New York style.

Same color scheme -- possibly same destination *wink*, but this version is a bit less ladylike. Moving a few steps over to the wild side, I added my clubbing jacket from Modd G (possibly NLA), and two newish items in my wardrobe -- a great Maraschino necklace from DECO and my Circus shoes from Lutricias Luxuries. Sans the texture belt which resides on the jacket layer, this cute raspberry mini can be just about anything you want it to be.

There is a gown version that you dress up gals will most likely love, but you know me. Short 'n sweet --- well maybe not all that sweet.

Poses by LAP.

**Schedule of Events**

Xalapa Sim Re-Opening Event - Sunday, July 12th @ 4 pm SLT

4 pm SLT ~ Sim Re-Opens Access to all

Red Heart Hunt Begins
( Hearts to remain on sim until Midnight SLT on Sunday July 19th to allow extra time for gifts to be found.)

4-6 pm SLT ~ "Posh in the Park" - DJ Miguelina Cazenove spinning in 'the park'
6-7 pm SLT ~ Live Blues in the Wine Bar - Kelvinblue Oh

~Dress Code: New York City Style~

Look for gifts and New Releases from Xalapa Sim Vendors; DCNY Clothing Co., Dawn Designs, Wicked Clothing, SIMco., Dinzeo Designs, PIN UP Dolls Boutique and Fresh Baked Goods Accessories!

You can't get there now -- but the LM will be: DCNY Clothing Co., Dawn Design, Xalapa (128, 193, 40)


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