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Newness: Updating Old Favorites

I guessed that by this morning most of you would already know that Tuli released some new duds last eve. And as I suspected there are lots of pictures in the blogs including a lovely Photographing SL post here. I'll be taking a different look at the newness. That was my plan last night after dressing and it looks like a good one *wink*.

We all, I suspect, love trying on new things. We love it even more when we find something -- sometimes after a very long while -- that lets forgotten items work together. The minute I tried on the new Shine leggings in taupe I was entranced. So smooth, so satiny and with optional cuffs making boots a choice, not a necessity. Yeah! I'd like to tell you that I had this outfit in my mind during that instant, but that would definitely be edging into falsehood territory. I did remember I had a Maitreya Savoir top that I thought would match. It did.

click photos for larger pictures

I had my canvas, but what would the focus be. And then I remembered the sash from MALT that I have loved forever but never really showed off to its best advantage. It was perfect and I was smiling. Still a little plain, I added an older cable knit cropped vest from Tuli for some textural interest and my *Primagine* Sandy Pastel Hoop Earrings for a counterpoint. I had the perfect shoes in my closet to bring out the dark peach in the sash. Unfortunately, though new, they are no longer available (insert sad face here).

There is a new VIP group gift out at Tuli's -- another makeup version of Hope which I really love. It has dark plum lipstick and sultry eyeshadow. Find it in the mushroom behind the giant tree in the store. I'm wearing the tan shade along with Kate hair by = Hal*Hina =.

Poses by Pffiou and Torridwear.


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