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Slippers in a Shoe Box

The Cinderella Lost Slipper hunt is over for me, but there's lots of time for you to adventure out and enjoy. Just to get you excited, here are a few more photos of some of the prizes. Not all the items shown are from the hunt. We need accessories after all *wink*.

The super satiny and luscious dress above is the Cinderella prize at Different Drummer (home of the ARC reducing bandanna and other goodies). The mid length dress is classic with wrinkles and shine that set it apart. If you are a fan of what I call midnight blue, this dress is for you. And it comes with some very nice matching pumps -- a squared toes version that you don't see often. Yeah for difference! As a bonus, there is a bottom layer that turns the dress into a great one piece swimsuit. Gotta love that versatility.

I added a jewelry set from Whimzie that I won the other eve at the Midnight Board. This is a very versatile and well made set. The stones can be changed to a variety of colors by typing a command into the chat window.

The dress and purse above are from JE REPUBLIC, their slipper prize. Nicely finished with touches of lace, this extremely adaptable charcoal dress could become a staple in your closet. I added some black and white bangles from deep within my jewelry box and some brand new Chunky Latex Pumps from the Midnight board at Lutricias Luxuries.

The MM board is upstairs with 75 clicks needed for delivery. These are very cute with stripes, red bows and tiny skulls.

Another striking Cinderella Hunt outfit hales from Euphoria House of Fashion. the white pants are satiny smooth and luscious. The corset has laces in back (take a deep breath) as you would expect :D. It comes with the choker shown as well as a cute black belt with roses. I wanted to show you the Prince Charming Hunters Belt from Beware of Recyling Cats. It comes with all sorts of interesting hunting tools attached, so if you are into specialty belts you might want to add it to your collection.

The oh-so-cute and very nicely made heart shaped stool comes from U&R Dogs. Alas, it doesn't fit my six foot proportions, so I'll be using it only as a photo shoot prop. I'm guessing that more normal sized gals will find that perfect fit -- like the glass slipper.

Poses by LAP and Pffiou!


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