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Red and White and Sometimes Blue

Canapl has always been my favorite Bewitched Hair color. So, when I got a notecard saying that there were Independence day goodies out at Bewitched and HOH and that some were canapl, I zipped over pronto. No fanciness here as it's my forth post of the day and relaxation is looming on the horizon. Here are the Cliff Notes and my favorites of the bunch.

There are two packs in each store (Bewitched and HOH) and they have moved recently so you need to go HERE to find them :D. One is for Canada and one for the USA. You don't need to be from either of those countries to enjoy the bounty however.

Shown above is Mariska - canapl. It also comes in dark blue and silver.

And here are some of the other styles in the packs. There is also a hat style for Canada and remember there are silver versions as well as dark blue. Canapl is simply MY favorite color.

Have fun. There is a hunt going on in the sim. Click on one of the boards for a notecard explaining how it works.



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