The Colors of Harlow

You may have heard that Harlow is having festivities today. The Striking Poses Launch Party is today, Sunday, July 12 12PM to 4PM SLT.

I'd been to Harlow many times, but I went over late last eve to see the gifting goodies. I can report they are plentiful and wonderful, and I bet you're happy to hear that. There is a huge assortment of lovely presents from the shops in Harlow.

I've only picked a few here to show you. Your favorites may certainly be different from mine, but you are sure to find something you like. Harlow landmarks are included when they were inserted in the gift bag. Wandering is fun though, but most likely left until after the festivities.

The jacket I am wearing on the red carpet (oh my another prop - yeah) is from MEB : MIAMI and is part of a gift from the opening.

Who wears short shorts? We do of course. And this lime green set from ^^Moulliez are perfect for romping in the flowers -- or just about any other fun activity. I added some very nice bangles from *The Gallery* gift bag. A photo frame and gift certificate were also included in The Gallery giftbag.

Smooth satin damask and semi transparent silk make this slightly retro dress a show stopper. The tea length gown would be perfect FOR a tea dance should one appear in your day planner. If not, there are two other skirt lengths to choose from as well as a system skirt layer (optional on the longer lengths as shown here). The dress along with some gold lame silk underthings and a variety of skins is a gift from Dance Creations. I added some great *Primagine* Chandelier earrings -- one of two colors in their Harlow gift and some new sandals from Lestat Reuven (not a Harlow gift).

Hair by Truth. Poses by LAP and Striking Poses.