Guywear? Maybe Not!

! RFyre has a new menswear outfit in the 60 minute lucky chair. Wonder has been dropping in now and then to check, and as you might expect lucky Xia was the one to get it first. The Severage Series Mens 'Nigel' Noir set comes with various layers including a short sleeved latex top not shown. While most of the prim pieces couldn't fit tiny Xia, she made a great looking outfit anyway.

Here, she scaled down the collar and then added her own spiked cuffs from Sn@tch. The textures are luscious as you might expect and guys, the prim pieces are black and silver and manly enough for any guy, so get over there and check that chair now and then. It is in the back right corner from the central TP point.

This is the long sleeved latex version of the outfit. She added low silver boots from LYA to complete the look. Is she hot or what?

Go girl!