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Head Games

A new hunt has dawned at Lemania's. I know some of you are real fans of these hunts, so I do my best to keep you apprised. And I have a little bit of insider info for ya today. This dress called Head Games is a bonus for the hunt; "'s not numbered and is a surprise for the energetic looker....". So if that's you, be on the lookout for an unnumbered box. It is out of the way for sure, and I'll give you a bit of a hint. A picture from my first post of the day holds a clue. Some hot pink heels come with. The colors are beautiful and if you have a love for the macabre, this might be a perfect fit for you. Have fun!

This is also the body suit I am wearing in the post on the Bone Queen.

Here is some basic info on the hunt:


We have a lot of new shopkeepers on both sims but by know you should know we always have a hunt every month and this month is THE PROZAC HUNT!

Will it be wild and crazy - we hope so - as to the number of gifts weel with every store participating that is over 50 and with me -- hmm I may have 30 or 40. Will update when I know!

Pose by Vain. Hair from Philotic Energy.


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