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The Unwanted Mall

Somewhere along the way I picked up a LM for a gummy bear hunt at the Unwanted Mall. I ran across it this afternoon as I was doing my semi-incessant inventory cleaning. The Unwanted Mall is an odd place, but somehow endearing. Small weather beaten shops are scattered on a rolling green meadow by a small inlet. This is not a hunt as the gummy bears are numerous and obvious. It is a gathering. It took me about fifteen minutes to pick up tons of gummy bears as well as other gifts and there are plenty of shop freebies at the mall.

The variety of goods -- and prizes -- is eclectic to say the least. There is a hamster you wear, artwork, plenty of clothes, a variety of manly shapes as well as accessories. I clicked on a MM board while I was at one shop. I have absolutely NO idea what the item actually is, so if it arrives it will be a real surprise.

Of the huge variety of freebies at the Unwanted, these are my favorites. There are two PEACE outfits at Embers Treasures. My color change sucker (one of two styles) and Fizzy collar come from Dreams. At the other end of the mall you will find Stickman's, a furniture and more store with a changeable landscape skybox as its prize. The furniture shown above complete with three poses in the seating is a dollarbie.

You'll find this great beanbag chair with tons of animation choices in the same freebie box as the hippie outfits at Embers Treasure. Since these items were all made by PRIME, I decided to take a quick jaunt over to the store.

Tired from my busy day, I was happy to take a dinner break at the PRIME store *wink*. The table and chairs are for sale. I'm guessing the waiter doesn't come with the set.

Long day. I'm off.


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