Free, Fun and Fab

Xia came over early this morning with a host of new goodies to show me. I had a couple of outfits to share also, so we did a quickie fashion shoot for you. I really had to laugh when I saw the bottom picture of us in our new dresses. Is Xia that short? Am I that tall? Yep, I guess so. I'm six foot without heels which doesn't "seem" to be all that tall in SL(R). Xia I guess is a little over five feet and is wearing sandals. She has a very bold personality; that most likely explains my confusion over her real size - LOL. So Amazon or not, here is my report on our newness.

My goodies are both from the dollarbie hunt at AyYaiYai in Bill. Remember the tall bridge with gifts and the dinosaur in the lagoon? That's the place. There is a hunt going on for ten hot pink sculpty hearts. Now, this is not a hunt for the gathering folks. It is hard. The hearts are very tiny or pretty much hidden -- or both I suspect. I was there a long time and found five. Of the five, I really liked these two.

I especially like the dress which is bold and colorful in that accented neutral color palette I love. The skirt sways very nicely. So head on over and practice those camera skills. You need to be fairly close to the hearts to be able to see them as they are SMALL as I said. :D Good luck!

Click pictures to enlarge to full size.

Xia, short and lazy as she is (just kidding) is showing off recent group gifts. The short purple top is from Pixeldolls and is it ever cute. Just out today as a group gift, Xia is happy in purple. She wore it with her KOSH jeans. The top is part of a larger set and comes in a variety of colors. See this post. Oh, that copper color is lovely!

The blue-violet circle halter top is a group gift from E! Eclectic -- perfect for showing off your summer tan. The glamorous white dress with ethnic appeal comes from Baiastice as a new group gift. It is likely you have seen it on other blogs, but I think Xia in her petiteness shows it off well. And she wore it with some fancy sandals from Shiny Things. What a fun and perfect pairing. The matching bangles were included with the gift.

While this is all over the blogs, I felt I would be remiss if I didn't alert you to the newest HOT lucky boards. In this case they are at Blue Blood and there are a ton of them. The letters change quickly and there are many colors of this dress to win. I was very lucky and TPed in to a board calling a "C". While I couldn't see which board it was, I asked politely for a hint. Someone answered with "third from the right" (thanks AAbbi) and I won this very pretty gold ball gown. It has some Gothic touches of course. If you aren't into skulls, you could add a fancy necklace in their place :D

That's my morning report!

Poses by LAP.