What a Morning!

Here's the quick fashion shot, but it took a long time to get to this point. I definitely feel like I slept in *wink*. Here's the story.

No need to panic. I'm sure everything is OK. Well sort of OK.

It all started when Beanie Canning sent me an IM about a cool new painting ladder with animations. Xia and I had plans for a photo shoot this morning, but what could it hurt to zip over and take a look.....

The painting ladder at [143]hands is very cute with two buckets of paint that give appropriately colored paint brushes. But something was definitely amiss here. The store was half under water. While I have been in underwater shops, I have never been in halfway flooded shops. Maybe this is a plan and if so it is definitely memorable -- different enough for me to get Xia over for the other spot on the ladder and to snap these pictures.

Fashion finds include this really nice mini from Shameless. These two pieces cost $1 for the set and there are coordinating bikini pieces that you can mix or match to make up a collection. I love the colors and my orange Juicy Slingbacks (I thank you often Gogo) matched perfectly.

I came back into world from Photoshop to find the sun shining, the waters receded and Mother Nature smiling, but it WAS in interesting adventure :D. My new hair is from Ali & Alli. Venture over, take a gander at the different hair pictures on the voting board and cast your vote for your favorite. Then pick up the very nice Brides hair in brown as a thank you gift.

Not far away from the voting wall, you'll find the MM board. I was number 92 of 100 last night but the board didn't deliver. I went there to check out the LM for you and just got it redelivered. Cool. The hair is called "Slept Longer" and is definitely different and fun.

Whew. What a wild morning. Also of note at Ali & Alli is a Just for Guys hunt prize which contains a collection of cute sculpty bow ties -- handy accessories for either sex. There is also a flower hunt going on. You are looking for smallish blue flowers which contain hair for guys. I found one late last night and it had long black rasta hair which was definitely unisex. The flowers don't seem to be very hidden; I was simply tired.

That's my first long report of the day.