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Turning Back Time

~L&S~ sent out a lovely Illyria medieval gown through Designer Showcase Network. I don't want to lead you astray here as I know you might come IMing with "I can't find it" comments. According to the notecard, the richly textured rust and black dress is only available by DSN dropbox. Still, you could find something similar and just as elegant at the shop. See my pictorial hint at the bottom of the post for clues.

While designed as a medieval gown, in many ways it is timeless. A choice of accessories could easily nudge it in the direction of your choosing. Add some long black gloves for one look; choose a plain black camisole or bustier from you closet for another effect.

For jewelry I choose the Samantha set from **DM** Designs. While not a period necklace, the square and diamond shapes echo the pattern in the dress, drawing them together in a stylish dance. OK. Maybe that was a bit too poetic for a fashion blog *wink*, but the pieces work very nicely together. Good design is good design in my book.

I am happy to report that when I ventured over to the ~L&S~ shop, I found this outfit on the wall. Not the same as what I am featuring here, but for some of you I know -- even better. Enjoy!

Poses by LAP.

EDIT: Just a very quick late night shot. I was out on the sandbox changing and lo and behold, look what is under my dress *wink* - LOL. So cute.


Those pictures came out beautiful as always. I have also added you into my blogroll so people can see the great job you do featuring designers in SL. Thank you again Chic!
Chic Aeon said…
Thanks so much :D Just doin' my "job" and enjoying it!

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