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Relaxing in the Keys

Virtual Key West has much in common with the actual Florida town. For those of you not in the USA, Key West is as far south as you can get and still be in the United States. It takes a long while to drive there from greater Florida and it is very much a cross between the United States and the Caribbean. I visited the virtual version a few times, but for whatever reasons it is always extremely SLOW to rez. Tonight I decided to sit back and let the town unfold. A little unvirutal ice cream helped with my patience.

Key West is architecturally unique, a blend of Victorian styles with echos of Martinique and a smattering of Hippiedom thrown in. It's fun and as you can see colorfully bright and clean. Walking is important in Key West. Parking is premium and it's simply easier to get around by foot. That's NO problem for me as I have some brand new texture change skater shoes from Duh! to cradle my tinder tootsies. The new release is full of styles and options with a choice of white or black basic colors and both color and texture change panels. The shoes are also click resize and fitting is simple. It was difficult to pick a favorite, but this watercolor spattered texture fits with the arty energy of our most southern Key. Oh, I did I mention that these five texture option cuites are a buck? And you get both black and white in the pack? That should get your attention *wink*. Find these in the center of the room and other fatpacks on the wall. And don't forget that lucky chair.

Other newness includes my puppy named Pete. Complete with color change backpack (pink, blue, violet and olive) Pete is a quiet puppy, yelping only on rezzing. That works well for me :D. He comes from sf design. I added my Shine leggings from Tuli's new release, an old sweater from Dutch Touch (NLA) and some new to me hat and hair from Redlick (free).

Poses by IZUMIYA.


Virtually Shee said…
You looked like you had fun, the backpack is adorable!

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