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I've finished the Cinderella hunt - yeah! I'm tired, but happy. It seems like a good time for a rest, so here I am in my skybox studio doing just that. Everything you see here has been featured before EXCEPT for my Cinderella Hunt thread spool stool. It is from Thistle Homes, also the maker of my stacked book seat. Both are fun and creative and I just wanted to say "thanks".

Everything in this photo I love. Each item was either a prize, a gift or a review item. My hunting outfit, put together this week complete with ARC reducing bandanna, is now a permanent outfit in my inventory . We have definitely bonded, that bandanna and I, and I feel quite stylish in an oh-so-politically-correct way when I flit around the laggy goo in so few prims.

So thanks to ALL the designers, pose makers, texture experts, sculpty craftsmen and the like. You, after all are what makes our world -- our world.

Hunt recap coming up after this short intermission.


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