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Unisex Camo

While I was out hunting watermelon the other day, I found some great boots in the men's section of Heart & Sole. And no I didn't find the watermelon so there could be something wonderful in there too - LOL. But even if you aren't a good seeker, you can get these boots upstairs in the men's section. Look for a large box on the floor. They resize for gals readily; I just hit the smallest button once on each piece and moved the tops down and I was set. Oh, did I forget to mention they are FREE?

And today -- yes, I AM sometimes a bit obtuse -- I found that these are color change too! So you can make the metal toe pieces a variety of colors. Woot! A great addition to wardrobes of both guys and gals, there are similar boots in the store for purchasing :D.

I've reported on the Magi Take shopping center and their lucky boards, but when I saw Beanie's post about new $10 sneakers and a pair on the lucky board -- well I was there of course. Beanie was too and it was good to say "hi" in person. I came back a bit later to find an "E" on the board and luckily I got EE over there to tap that little prize giver. The camo chucks are very nicely made. To be fair the texture on the bottom is a bit off, but how many times do we look at the bottom of sneakers? The lucky board changes every five minutes and there are wild cards so you have a good chance to win if that is your mode of shopping :D.

The sneakers come in small and medium and they are mod - transfer. EE had to enlarge them just a bit for his size 0 feet, but he gets gold stars for a job well done. While I was waiting for him to arrive another board with a camo hat had a wildcard and I picked up this nice bonus. It comes in two sizes, with and without hair in three color choices. So, a very good prize pack for either sex.

I'm wearing a Wildchild top from Sn@tch and my Kloe midnight jeans from WoE. I have no idea what EE is wearing but there is a SL logo on the shorts and I think I can safely say (NLA) with confidence *wink*.

PS. Sorry for the odd quality of the outside photos. No matter what I did they looked overbright and strange like my settings were off. The previous photos were taken with the same settings but in a different sim, my regular one. I am so hoping this isn't a sign of things to come with new server codes, but in case you have the same type of problem here and there, blogger sisters and brothers, you are not alone. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Poses by Ana_mations and LAP.


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